ELAA Development Kits

  • ROM-DK7421
    Development kit for Qseven v2.0 CPU Module ROM-7421
    • Development kit for ROM-7421
    • Standard Qseven 2.0 form factor with mini-ITX carrier board
    • NXP i.MX6 Dual Plus 1GHz processor with enhanced graphic performance
    • Onboard DDR3 1GB memory and flash storage 4GB
    • Dual Channel LVDS 1920x1080, HDMI Full HD 1080P
  • ROM-DK7510
    Development Kit for Qseven 2.0 CPU Module ROM-7510
    • Development kit for ROM-7510
    • Enhanced performance TI Sitara AM5728 Dual core cortex-A15 1.5GHz high performance processor
    • Onbard DDR3 2GB memory and eMMC 8GB
    • Supports 8 GB eMMC Flash, 1 SD/MMC, 1 SATA
  • ROM-DK3420
    Development kit for RTX v2.0 CPU Module ROM-3420
    • Evaluation kit for ROM-3420
    • High performance NXP i.MX6 dual-core 1GHz processor
    • Onbard DDR3 1GB memory and eMMC 4GB
    • Parallel RGB, HDMI, Single channel 24bit LVDS, 1366 x 768
    • Supports 4 GB eMMC Flash, 1 SD/MMC, 1 SATA

ELAA Software Solutions

  • Dual Display Support Solution
    Support to dual display with different contents. Also support dual touch panel also.
  • Ubuntu Core
    The purpose built secure OS for embedded and IoT Systems
  • Boot in a blink...
    The futuristic sensation is just like "Warp!!"
    "Warp!!", an Amazing Quick-Start Solution for Embedded Linux It’s available for various products.
  • RISC System Engineered for You
    We are an expert on Linux/Android solution. We can provide effective, tailor-made service for you
  • Unified Remote DeviceManagement Platform
    IoT solution with RDM, OTA, and security features for any protocol, any device type
  • IoT E2E Sensor Network Solution- Intelligent Industry
    It’s an end to end sensor network solution, easy to be deployed in different environments
  • Software and Services Across the "Embedded Project Spectrum"
    Easily develop BSPs, embedded applications and IoT systems, while accelerating development cycles.
  • Smart Connected Coffee Machine
    From low level software to user interface, discover our modular Qt based platform.
  • Ready-to-go solution on Advantech Arm-based boards RSB-4411 and RSB-3410
    Ubuntu based, standalone, with Qt, pre-configured LVDS display, examples and training