Alliance Members

  • Advantech is the global Embedded Computing and Integrated IoT Solution Leader.

    “Linux and Android are going to be the key embedded operation system for Industrial IoT Applications, but with less standardization on both the hardware and software side, the implementation of ARM and other technology based on Linux or Android are lagging behind the embedded market demand. As one of the founding members of ELAA, Advantech commits to collaborate with all members to evolve the ELAA Unified Development Platform to facilitate development of industrial embedded applications on ARM platforms.”

  • AIMobile provides industrial handheld devices, in particular solutions based on the Android OS with software and peripheral support.

    “ARM-based applications are booming in the consumer market. Aligned with ELAA and its unified and open source architecture, AIMobile expects to collaborate with members to realize innovative industrial handheld mobile device solutions based on the Android OS for the Internet of Things.”

  • ArcherMind is committed to providing solutions to global customers for the entire lifecycle of mobile & embedded devices.

    “The ARM ecosystem plus sensors and connectivity make our lives easier and more colorful. This will make industrial security and standards in the ARM ecosystem very important in the next 10 years. As a member of ELAA, ArcherMind commits to collaborate with ELAA and all members to leverage the ELAA Unified Development Platform to develop more secure applications.”

  • Canonical is the company behind Ubuntu Core, the purpose built secure OS for embedded and IoT Systems.

    “Driven by the need for more intelligence at the edge, the world of embedded development is changing beyond recognition from an "install and forget" mentality to a "secure, deploy and maintain" mentality. Canonical is working with its customers to bring the required,  more agile software development and deployment practices into industrial applications. We're delighted to join in ELAA, an association that recognises the need to put software first in IoT.”

  • Lineo raises the standard of embedded Linux by offering a total solution.

    “While an increasing number of products adopt Linux, various deficiencies have been found in its development process. We are pleased to participate in ELAA, which was established with the aim to eliminate such inexpedience. In cooperation with other members, Lineo will contribute to achieve mission of the Alliance by leveraging "Warp!!", our unique extreme ultrahigh-­speed solution for Linux/Android.”

  • Retronix-The combination of business and technology collaboration on ARM Solutions.

    “As a company focusing on ARM platform, we have been successfully developing RISC-based projects with IPC companies. With our talented, experienced engineers and abundant libraries for diverse IoT applications, we are devoted to participate in ELAA and are collectively committed to contribution on Embedded IoT/M2M turnkey solutions and channel services.”

  • RTSoft develops software making things intelligent.

    “As we have numerous options in how to operate, a unifying best practice approach offers the highest value. Our custom specific software programming services become easier and more efficient. The ELAA standardization reduces time to program logic required by customers’ dedicated platforms, applications and services.”

  • Thundersoft is a world leading smart device operating system and platform technology provider.

    “Thundersoft is excited to join ELAA as a founding member. With over 9 years of experience in the field of operating systems, we have obtained expertise which ranges from the kernel, BSP, driver, to framework, applications, tools, and security technology, etc. Based on Thundersoft’s leading technologies, we believe that we will not only help customers in the industrial market with our end to end solutions, but also enrich the ELAA technology ecosystem by bringing our professional services to the alliance.”

  • Timesys is a leading provider of embedded open source software and engineering services across the “Embedded Project Spectrum.”

    “With more than 20 years of experience across 1000+ projects, Timesys is pleased to join ELAA and to provide customers with secure, integrated systems — from BSPs and devices to mobile applications and IoT Systems. With our expertise and unique services such as security monitoring and notification, Timesys is uniquely positioned to reduce time-to-market, as well as software lifecycle costs, for “connected” devices.”

  • Witekio team provides System Software Integrator services from the hardware to the cloud.

    “Embedded devices and Smart objects get more and more connected and interconnected, and the IoT revolution leads embedded actors to reinvent themselves. The ELAA ecosystem is a great example of this process, fully aligned with Witekio’s market vision. We built our System Software Integration positioning for Embedded and IoT based on our 15 years of embedded software expertise as Adeneo Embedded.”

  • Leader in open source embedded systems

    “As a member of ELAA, Evidence will empower Advantech customers by providing easy access to Linux-based technologies, integrating real-time, hypervisors, HMI in a single cross-platform offer. This is part of our strategic plan to make the usage of ARM platforms simpler and easier to use for the industrial market”. Evidence is a 15 year old technology enabler company composed by unique people with high skills on Linux and Android operating systems. We provide knowledge and integration on all the open source value chain for automotive, industrial, and HVAC customers.”