ELAA Unified Development Platform

ELAA defines a sharing and reusable platform with a standardized reference architecture. ELAA members build and integrate compliant boards and software components for embedded Linux and Android systems, and add further differentiating features to meet various industrial applications.

Linux Kernel:
Strong support from silicon vendors, optimized performance and features, unified design & backward compatibility

ELAA provides a modularized and verified Linux Kernel for all members, with optimized performance and minimized core size, it is highly reliable and has numerous embedded I/O integrated. Different ELAA boards and systems can be supported by the same Board Support Package (BSP), which saves development time and resources when adopting Linux kernels from new silicon platforms.

Industrial Peripheral Modules:
Well integrated hardware and software, rich I/O and module, flexible & modularized design.

ELAA industrial peripherals provide the most popular industrial I/O and modules for the ELAA platform, such as CANbus, RS­422/485, touch screens, GPS, and WIFI & 4G connectivity. These industrial modules are well integrated and verified with the ELAA Linux kernel. Users can directly integrate these modules into their selected platforms without wasting development resources on peripheral integration.

Application Modules:
Rich industrial OS level software features, reduced development cost and local software services

Abundant industrial OS level software services are offered by ELAA global software partners, services such as LinuxLink from Timesys, Warp from Lineo and Qt, GPS location tracking, video streaming and more. ELAA software partners are able to provide a "just-in­time" professional local software service based on ELAA Unified Linux Kernel and selected industrial peripherals. New projects can start from a much more mature state and the reduced development time and cost can speed your time-­to­-market.

Software Component & Middleware:
Leverage and reuse verified application features and know-how to extend new embedded applications

An application oriented software package is defined by ELAA members for quick development support for different embedded applications, such as video, networking, and security. With this software middleware package, users can take advantage of support from ELAA global software partners and obtain technical support. This modularized framework makes embedded application development more efficient and speeds up the adoption of ARM­-based platforms in the embedded market by moving the business model from in­-house design to global cooperation based on modularized and pre­-verified building blocks.

Domain Application:

Using the ELAA Unified Development Platform offers a more time and cost efficient approach toward developing high quality ARM-based embedded applications. The concept is like using LEGO building blocks. With various verified hardware and software building blocks and technical support from ELAA software partners, customers can focus on developing their high value-added embedded applications on ARM-based platforms by efficiently reusing field proven Linux kernels, industrial peripherals, and software modules.