Unified Platform for Embedded Linux & Android Industrial Applications

Embedded Linux & Android Alliance (ELAA) is an industry alliance committed to driving the unification and board adoption of an open architecture standard for embedded Linux and Android cores in industrial embedded systems.

About the Alliance

  • Standardized

    Unified standards for hardware and industrial embedded Linux/Android system architectures, extensions, and related interface.

  • Ecosystem

    Vibrant ecosystem of partners providing rich options for RISC hardware and embedded Linux/Android design services.

  • Modularized

    Rich selections of verified industrial peripherals & software components enable shorter application development cycles and less development cost.

  • Platform

    On-line offerings of products and services supported by active forums and communities.

The Value of ELAA

  • Unified Architecture

    The ELAA Unified Development Platform provides a unified hardware and software architecture across different industrial embedded applications. Users can leverage resources from one project to another with minimized learning curves and effort.

  • Extensive Software Offerings

    Empowered by alliance members, ELAA provides extensive software offerings throughout various kinds of OS, kernels, drivers and industrial applications.

  • Faster Time-to-market

    Pre-integrated hardware and software platform to accelerate the POC to MP cycle.

  • Longevity Support

    Provide hardware platform, kernel and firmware upgrades to members and customers during the whole SoC life cycle.

  • Peripheral Integrated

    ELAA Unified Development Platform integrates multiple industrial peripherals verified on different OS and hardware platforms.

  • Global Partner Eco-system

    Partners across the supply chain and geo-regions support customers’ business development and expansion.